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希望能把你的事业提升到一个新的高度? Have a passion for a field of work and thinking about more study? When you choose postgrad study at 豪利777网站, you learn with leaders in your chosen field. You'll discover new ways of thinking and generate ideas you can take into the future.



  • 《优秀大学指南2021》


    豪利777网站是澳大利亚最好的教学单位之一. We've had 15 straight years of 5-star ratings in the Good Universities Guide!

  • 好大学指南-学生支持


    Everyone has challenges as a student, but few universities can match 豪利777网站 for student support. 豪利777官方甚至还有一个学生成功团队!

  • 优秀大学指南-全面体验


    豪利777网站 has been rated 5 stars and best WA uni for postgraduate overall experience in the latest Good Universities Guide.



豪利777官方的学者都是世界一流的研究人员和教师. Their expertise encompasses a diverse range of subject areas where they search for solutions to some of our greatest global challenges.


  • 艺术 & Humanities Senior Lecturer Dr Christopher Kueh talks about his research and his design philosophy.

    Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Pi-Shen Seet teaches students to learn from the mistakes of the past in thinking about the future.

    Associate Professor Erin Godecke is Senior 研究 Fellow in Speech Pathology and the Clinical Director of the Very Early Rehabilitation in SpeEch (VERSE) Trial for Aphasia after Stroke.

    Professor of Occupational and Environmental Health Jacques Oosthuizen is investigating the affects of hazardous chemicals on firefighters.

    Professor of Strength and Conditioning Greg Haff's research is focussed on encouraging kids to start building their fitness through Youth Resistance Training.

    Dr Nikki Rajakaruna's research focuses on policing and she has managed projects on police use of force, issues related to police integrity and the use of intelligence in policing.

  • Associate Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics Therese O'Sullivan's research into dairy products for children has received global attention.

    Senior Lecturer and researcher Dr Carolyn McIntyre is an integral part of 豪利777网站's exercise medicine oncology team.

    School of Education senior lecturer Dr Christine Cunningham identifies trends to help in the education of qualified teachers.

    Dr Stacey Reinke's research looks at data as the driving force behind understanding biology and disease.

    Associate Dean of Public Health and OHS and Professor of Public Medicine Amanda Devine is working to develop education resources about healthy food and drinks for kids.

    Cyber security and digital forensics lecturer Dr Patryk Szewczyk says personal information should not be stored on devices you're disposing of.

  • Professor of Petroleum Engineering Stefan Iglauer investigates climate change mitigation.

    Senior lecturer in Master of Teaching (Primary) Dr Helen Adam on why young children need to be exposed to books containing cultural diversity.


Many of our postgraduate students have busy jobs, families and other commitments. It's why we make it as flexible as possible with courses you can study online or part-time.

有孩子的学生, our campuses provide professionally accredited Childcare centres, 豪利777网站体育中心提供短期crèches.

如果你需要的话, 豪利777官方的学习顾问可以帮助你提高你的学术技能, 职业顾问也会为你规划未来提供建议.

如果你想要一个研究学位, 豪利777官方的研究生院会给你很多支持.


There are two ways you can study for a postgraduate qualification – by coursework or by research.

Coursework includes Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters courses. You can advance from a Graduate Certificate to a Masters as a natural progression.

A postgraduate research degree culminates in the production of a written body of work, 也就是论文.



We all have different work arrangements, family responsibilities, locations and learning styles.

That's why we offer the flexibility of studying many of our postgraduate courses online.

Online students receive our full support, just like their on-campus equivalents. 豪利777官方不会忘记你的!


帮你找到适合你职业抱负的课程, 豪利777官方将广泛的工作领域分为八个研究领域. Each study area has disciplines you can explore to find your course.


奖学金 recognise students whose life journey may have been challenging, as well as people who've shown outstanding academic excellence and endeavour.


If you prefer paper over pixels, please download one of our guides.


豪利777官方的 未来的学生活动 include a mix of on-campus and online sessions designed to help you decide what to study at 豪利777网站.


  • 夏洛特Bramanis



    Charlotte returned to study after working in Nursing for 20 years. After completing a Graduate Certificate in Children and Young People's Nursing, 她在豪利777网站攻读护士教育硕士学位.

  • 艾玛·弗莱彻



    豪利777网站项目管理硕士研究生 艾玛·弗莱彻 talks about her work at the Public Transport Authority and how her studies led to this career opportunity.

  • 阿伊莎莱特



    在听说豪利777网站在教师教育方面的声誉后, 阿伊莎莱特从英国来到这里学习. 以下是她目前的想法...


Things you should know about if you're thinking about studying here.


豪利777网站课程的录取途径不止一种. It depends on what you've studied already, or your work or life experience.

费用 & 奖学金

Course tuition fees can change, but we can give you an estimate of your costs. If you’re eligible, a scholarship or student loan can help too.


申请课程是一个相当简单的过程, 尤其是如果你有资格证书的扫描件, 简历或其他文件, 准备上传.


开始一门课程是令人兴奋的,有时也是令人畏惧的, so we make a massive effort to ensure you get all the support you need to have a positive experience.